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  • Pool Opening

  • Pool Closing

  • Weekly Service

  • Repair Service

  • Liner Installation

  • Safety Cover


Weekly residential pool maintenance consist of checking water chemistry, pool cleaning, and filtration.  Turn your weekly swimming pool service headaches over to us and you can eliminate those confusing, expensive, frustration trips to pool store trying to figure out which chemicals to buy.  We will come to your pool once of twice a week; we offer both options, while the pool is open.

Our Weekly Services Include:
  • Check water level

  • Empty skimmer baskets

  • Net pool surface

  • Brush walls and steps, as needed

  • Vacuum pool

  • Clean pool sweep bag (if available)

  • Test water chemistry 

  • Add pool chemicals, as needed

  • Backwash sand filters, Clean DE and cartridge filters as needed

  • Check and empty pump strainer basket

POOL opening services

  • Remove, clean, fold and store cover on-site

  • Hose deck to remove dirt and debris

  • Drain and fold water bags (if applicable)

  • Remove winter plugs

  • Vacuum to waste pool to remove debris (if needed)

  • Install return jets, skimmer baskets

  • Start up pool motor and pumps

  • Check heater

  • Check pool lights

  • Test pool chemicals and shock pool

  • Install ladders and rails


  • Remove ladders and rails

  • Lower water to proper level

  • Final routine cleaning of pool bottom

  • Check and balance chemicals (Add as needed)

  • Drain all pumping, heating and chlorinating equipment

  • blow suction and return lines

  • Plug skimmer and return lines

  • Add anti-freeze

  • Put pool cover back on 

  • Inspect cover and report any damage to owner

  • Disable timer switches

  • Turn off all power to pool motor and heater pool for needed repairs


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